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  I made this post to show you how Daria skin, Milk tone from INSOL looks like on Catwa Linda Head. Also i am wearing the Insol: CATWA lipstick 'Glamour Shine', wich can be found at mainstore. The applier hud for Catwa mesh head comes in 10 options: 5 color of eyebrows with freckles and 5 without freckles.
The Catwa Glamour Shine Lipstick Pack comes in 12 shades and you have 3 shades from white to grey for tinting!!!
Isnt that wonderful ? \o/ 
You can find demo for Daria Skin and Glamour Shine at mainstore:

T E L E P O R T  

I recomand INSOL Skin Shop with all my heart because of the beauty of the skins, diversity and very high quality.


                          My best regards to my great friend AlMercury owner of Insol
                                                                                     ♥ ♥ ♥